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Hello! I'm Jada Quandt

Software Developer

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Built a space-themed version of the playing card game "war" as part of a React.js & Redux project for DigitalCrafts.

The scope of this class project required at least 6 React components, 5 Redux actions, and use of local state.

Built with: React.js, Redux, Javascript, CSS, and Material UI

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Member of a 5-person development team building a playlist development site that allows users to create a randomized playlist based on “Gym,” “Tan,” and “Laundry” categories.

Responsibilities included assisting with Front-End design using EJS, learning and implementing Spotify’s API parameters, writing the functions in JavaScript that populated and rendered playlists.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, RESTful API, Axios, Express, EJS, Passport JS

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Twitch Lyfe

Member of a 6-person development team building a Twitch website to feature the top streamers, top streamed games, and a search page to search the IGDB API to learn more about games.

Responsibilities included designing and assembling a fully mobile-responsive layout and creating the search page utilizing Javascript to render searches from the IGDB API

Built with: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, RESTful API, and Axios

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About Me

I'm a Software Development Intern at Timbergrove, where I work with TypeScript and Angular to build custom software for clients.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading Stephen King, playing with my dog and spending time with my husband, Josh.